#TChat Recap: How HR Drives Positive Workforce Impact With The Right Data Insights

HR has more momentum and presence in driving technology decisions than we have seen in years past. That’s why this week we talked with guest Marc Rind, VP of Product Development & Chief Data Scientist of ADP Analytics and Big Data, about how HR drives positive workforce impact with the right data insights. Marc discussed how do we seize the day and the innovation needed to make a big impact on organizations and workplace?

Our #TChat podcast conversation considered how HR can understand the business and the metrics that drive competitive advantage. Afterall, the right data is key across the HCM space.

Asking business to make decisions based on data insights can be scary if HR doesn’t understand the relevance and credibility of the data. A big lesson was that getting the right data can drive tech innovation towards a positive workforce impact.

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Photo credit: Big Stock Images