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#TChat Recap: How Improving The Candidate Experience Empowers A Better Workforce

This week we were joined by Elaine Orler, Chairman and Co-Founder of the Talent Board and the CandEs; and Gerry Crispin, Co-Founder of the Talent Board and the CandEs. We discussed how improving the candidate experience can improve and empower the workforce.

These days, candidates have expectations on organizations as soon as they click on the “submit” button for a job application. If these expectations are not met, it is highly likely that they will get disappointment and actively discourage other people to apply to the organization.

On the flip side, if the candidate experience is good, candidates are very likely to recommend other people to apply, regardless of if they got the job or not.

So how can organizations tap into candidates at all stages (passive, active etc) and create a positive experience for them?

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