#TChat Recap: How Megatrends Revamp Employee Engagement Strategies

How Megatrends Revamp Employee Engagement Strategies

If there’s one thing certain about trends, it’s that they happen and they usually pop up on everyone’s radar. But it’s megatrends that create impactful circumstances that affect everyone on a personal, cultural, and societal level. Megatrends are hard to miss now because of all the social connectivity that leads us to hard-to-miss news. Megatrends also affect how organizations organize and lead their efforts. This causes organizations to adjust how they approach employee engagement to stay current. This week’s guest: Mark Royal, Senior Principal at Hay Group, who helps organizations design and implement employee engagement strategies, shared his insight on how organizations can revamp their employee engagement strategies.

When it comes to meeting the challenges of developing and maintaining employee engagement we must understand what it is that’s causing the demand and urgency to change.

Each one of these trends help shape how employee engagement is viewed and treated within the organization from top to bottom. People, location, technology, and behavior affect our understanding of how employee engagement should be handled. Creating sustainable employee engagement has to come from a revamped leadership that’s current with what employees want. It starts with:

It’s all about building an employee engagement strategy that sets the tone for your positive business outcomes. We don’t find change by throwing innovation out the window. We learn to adapt with change, and combat megatrends that affect work through flexibility and rolling with the punches. Even though the focus should be on employee engagement, that’s not always the case. We know that:

But it’s learning how to create room for both parties to see eye-to-eye that begins making a difference when it comes to combating megatrends. This doesn’t have to be scary. It’s about aligning organizational goals with employee goals that help keep things in order and positive. Planning for employee engagement does not only rely on understanding megatrends, but understanding how to connect with your employees through effective leadership engagement. Remember:

People want to find meaning in their work and be a part of a common goal that everyone is working towards. This doesn’t happen unless we understand how employees think. Organizations have to align their organizational goals with employees goals. That’s how modern-day employee engagement strategies work now. Employees have a big part to play because they directly affect business outcomes. This has to create a light bulb effect that causes organizations to rethink how leaders lead and how to train them to understand modern-day employees through better engagement. Start with creating better employee engagement and follow that up with better leadership training to sustain the engagement.

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