#TChat Recap: How To Successfully Work From Anywhere

How To Successfully Work From Anywhere

The harsh truth about work is that its no longer bounded by office space and organizational networks. Work can be done anywhere. Just ask any remote worker you know. As long as there is a power outlet and wifi around then it’s business as usual. Remote workers are a special bunch of professionals that I know all too well. But like everyone else, they come across daily challenges that force them to transcend or come apart. This week on #TChat, we were joined by Simon Salt, six-year workshifting veteran, photographer, writer, speaker and author of Out of Office. Simon’s unique professional experience in remote working taught our community about the ins and outs of this unique professional lifestyle that’s transcending the way we work, when we work, and where we work.

But like always, when something new and different comes along, it’s met with skepticism and usually doubt. In the World of Work, transparency is measured by what is known and what can be measured. Simon, knows this all too well that:

For a brief moment, stop and ask yourself, “How often do I say or hear the word ‘trust’ at work?” Hopefully, it doesn’t leave you feeling puzzled, but trust is what binds organizations and their employees together. It is one of the key focal points that makes remote working successful. Employees crave trust and smart leadership knows how to offer it to them. Trusting remote workers is built with a unique approach to tackling work. It has to be met with:

Neither trust, nor communication can survive without each other. They’re both destined to succeed or fail together. Just like how leaders and employees are destined to find success or failure together. Both sides need to be able to communicate with each other, but that only happens when communication is kept open from both sides. That means, leaders and employees need to be accessible to each other. Work is meant to challenge us, inspire us, and drive us. Sometimes, when work takes a turn for the worse it’s because there is no dialogue between leadership and employees. While both sides are responsible and should be held accountable for executing work at a high-level, remote working:

At the end of the day, meeting deadlines comes down to being able to execute. Completing work on a remote level is dependant on having a personal strategy to doing so, because we all work differently. Remote working requires a unique level of commitment that normal office workers are not required to perform. Still, even with a high-level of commitment, remote working can only go so far without sufficient technology to help guide the way. How else can work get done without technology? For remote workers:

To be a click away, doesn’t that sound quirky and unconventional? Well not to remote workers it does. Technology helps bridge communication and accountability barriers that working remotely creates. Work can be completed from anywhere. And the truth is, organizations will eventually run out of excuses to deny or fear remote working. Time will eventually change how we all feel about remote working, whether good or bad, it is needed in order for us to grow. Work doesn’t evolve on its own. The evolution of work is dependant on whether or not we can change the way we interpret how we work, when we work, and where we work. Successful remote working exists, but not without transparency of what is expected from everyone involved.

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Closing Notes & What’s Ahead

Thanks again to our guest: Simon Salt, six-year workshifting veteran, photographer, writer, speaker and author of Out of Office.. We appreciated your interesting and intellectual take on remote working.

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