#TChat Recap: How To Turn Horrible Bosses Into Happier Relationships

A bad boss can undermine our ability to work happy and hard. Poor communication skills, micromanaging, lack of direction, bullying — any of these characteristics can make a boss difficult to work with leading to stress, anxiety, frustration, absenteeism and even depression.

This week we interviewed Tony Deblauwe, Founder of consulting firm HR4Change. Tony spoke about how to turn horrible bosses into happier relationships. Tony offered a relaxed and engaging dialogue with lots of practical advice and research mixed in with real life experiences like his startling encounter with a new boss as a young(er) pro in the recruitment sector.

The show highlighted powerful techniques for reinventing your relationship with your boss to turn ‘horrible into happier’. Questions posed to Tony and the #TChat community included: what are common signs of a horrible boss, how do you reduce negativity and create mutually beneficial results with your boss, and what can be done to improve corporate culture?

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photo credit: pixabay.com