#TChat Recap: Live From Ireland: The IT@Cork European Technology Summit

This week, Kevin W. Grossman and I presented a very special live podcast and #TChat Twitter chat from Cork, Ireland.

Hosted at the popular IT@Cork European Technology Summit, this week we focused on the the impact of gender diversity on technology business performance around the world. We had the luck of the Irish with our stellar line up of international guest experts.

This week’s awesome guests were David Parry-Jones, VP UKI Vmware; Caroline O’Driscoll, Tax Partner at KPMG, Vice Chair of IT@cork; Michael Loftus, Head of Faculty of Engineering & Science at CIT.

Bucking the international norm, women in Ireland hold positions of seniority in a staggering number of large global tech businesses including Apple, Microsoft and PayPal.

In fact, a University of Cambridge study has observed that Ireland is fifth in the world for female economic power, ranking just behind Australia, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Overall, however, the current state of women in technology isn’t great, especially in the U.S. For example, the leadership at all of the top tech companies remains dominated by men.

The IT@Cork European Technology Summit panel deep dived into issues of gender equality, leadership and the wider perceptions of roles and people who fill them. For example, we talked about the perception that IT pros are mainly male and ‘geeky’.

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photo credit: unsplash.com