#TChat Recap: Maximizing Your Talent & Gifts

Maximizing Your Talent & Gifts

We all have talents. It’s true. It’s important to stay true to you first and the rest will fall into place.

Discovering those talents and where they fit have a profound impact on our personal and professional happiness. Maximizing your talent is knowing who you are and sharing your unique self with others.

This week on #TChat, Brian Carter and Garrison Wynn, co-authors of “The Cowbell Principle: Career Advice On How To Get Your Dream Job And Make More Money,” joined our fun-loving social community to share their brilliance on the cowbell principle. When we talk about ringing your cowbell on #TChat, we want you to communicate your value to others. Our guest Brian Carter knows a thing or two about cowbells!

We should never stop asking ourselves, “What am I great at?” and “What am I passionate about?” We are in control of our talent and how we utilize it. But it takes hard work and elbow grease.

We must find the courage to utilize our talents and effectively share our value. We must learn to micromanage ourselves.

Happiness and success require direction. Start simple as our guest Garrison Wynn pointed out:

Maximize your talent with a here and now attitude. Find your strengths, communicate your value, and ring those cowbells!

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