#TChat Recap: The ROI Of Workplace Transparency

The ROI Of Workplace Transparency

There’s never a dull moment when you’re involved in the World of Work. Especially, when we’re talking about being transparent. But what is transparency? Or at least, what does it mean to work for an organization that has workplace transparency? This week, our #TChat Community took a deep social dive into the realm of workplace transparency. We were joined by Kim Peters, CEO of Great Rated!, from Great Place to Work®, who is an expert in the online recruitment industry and a passionate professional when it comes to building better employment brands. We were fortunate enough to learn that building better workplace transparency isn’t just about building a better ROI, it’s about creating a great place for employees to work at. It sounds simple enough, but ultimately it’s a global challenge that organizations face on a daily-basis.
To have workplace transparency, is to provide employees with clarity, which means they have a crystal clear understanding of what your organization is about. Our guest host Kim Peters understands that:

Yes, it is good for business. Period. Employees crave social recognition and they expect it. Organizations are only organic and alive when they see their people as real and valuable assets to their business. They have to learn how to communicate this. You can’t expect employees to automatically jump in and know what’s going on from the beginning. Leadership has to be able to realize that:

  Communication equals transparency, and transparency equals communication. Keep people informed and involved. Start by communicating with them what the organization is about, and why they matter to it. Better organizational logistics and operations doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not something you can express mail and have it delivered the following morning. Organizations need to remember that their:

Employees want to work for employers that are honest and give feedback. There’s a million ways we can say it and just a few ways that we can show it. People have to be honest if they expect to have workplace transparency, because ROI is something employers crave and only achieve when they’ve been crystal clear about what they expect from their employees. A happy workforce is what leads to better productivity. All the dots begin to connect when this happens. Felix Nater knows that:

This is the ROI organizations crave for, but few actually know how to achieve. The path to better ROI has to go down the road of better transparency first. Employees need to know what’s expected of them and that they are being involved in the organization’s vision. People want to create meaningful work. Let employees know that they matter by keeping them informed and involved. Workplace transparency has to come natural, it has to be organic, and this only happens when organizations invest in getting to know their employees. From top to bottom, we must build workplace transparency with communication, collaboration, empowerment, and trust. And we can’t cut corners on either one.

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Closing Notes & What’s Ahead

Thanks again to our guest:  Kim Peters, CEO Great Rated! from Great Place to Work®, who is an expert in the online recruitment industry and a passionate professional when it comes to building better employment brands. 

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