The Social Talent Show: Collaboration Will Save the Future of Work

Remember the enthusiasm for our first Social Talent Show? Well, now it’s rolling, and we’re working hard for you guys to prepare an awesome, disruptive and fun conversation this Wednesday. With our guest Bennett Resnik, founder of The Hands We Shake, we’ll chat about mapping the social graph within and outside the enterprise — i.e., retaining your best talent by understanding how they interact with others inside and outside your company.

I’m looking forward to our conversation on Wednesday, because the world is changing dramatically, in terms of leadership and workplace. Addressing that will help us build the future of work and make it exciting: Leaders are either adapting to social capital, or they’re not. I urge them to engage with their employees sooner rather than later, to be able to lead by bringing people together.

It all comes down to that: Empowering your team is the best way to recruit, and retain, talent. And what better way is there to engender that feeling of empowerment, really, than to create a collaborative environment where everybody has a purpose and a voice? Feeling valued, empowered and listened to — these are the main reasons inspiring employees to stay or join in the first place, and engaging with them through social media is crucial to reaching that goal. Furthermore, global communication is a metaphor for all this engagement, and I’m excited about that, too: It means engaging with others worldwide, outside your organization, and across the enterprise, with your own people.

Bottom line: collaboration is the key for the future of work, so that’s why we want to hear your opinion on this! Come share your experience and build the next generation of HR professionals with us, this Wednesday (4/11) at 2pm EST / 11am PST — or wherever you are. Use the #TChat Tag on Twitter to find where we are.

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We can’t wait to chat with you!