The Social Talent Show: Step Right Up!

Talent shows — as a former choreographer and dancer, I have fond memories of them. No matter what the venue or purpose, putting on a talent show is at once challenging and rewarding. Pulling off a performance that wows the crowd and leaves you on top of the world is an incredible feeling. Everyone’s happy and excited for more. It’s a palpable sense of having served others, of having contributed to their joy.

That’s why we can’t wait to launch the Social Talent Show. Teaming with UpMo, TalentCulture (#TChat) is putting on a series of interactive online events, and today, March 6, marks the first. At 1pm ET (10am PT) today, Yvette Cameron, vice president and lead analyst at Constellation Research, will join us to discuss “HR Trends and Tips: Social Talent is the next wave of Awesomeness!” To register, just click on that link.

With every Social Talent Show, we will look at the bleeding edge of HR, business and anything related — anything to help you and your organization rise above the din and become a better, leaner, smarter operation. You’ll learn how to leave your competitors scratching their heads, wondering why they didn’t tag along, and scrambling to pull themselves out of old-think HR before it’s too late. Created by UpMo, the leader in social talent, in partnership with us here at TalentCulture, the founders of #TChat and the World of Work, the Social Talent Show will be an online, chat style of environment in which every one of you will have the chance to participate in the conversation and benefit from the wisdom of every forward thinker, leader and visionary our hosts have invited to present.

In other words, expect new perspectives, and prepare to learn how to achieve ROI in HR from visionaries, radicals, experts, thought leaders, luminaries, disruptors, out-of-the-box thinkers, social gurus, talent collaboration specialists, innovative HR professionals, analysts, bloggers and whizzes in the talent, culture, collaboration and social space.

For all you LOYAL #TChat ters out there – Please know that we still will bring you our weekly chat Every Wed at our regular time – now we should have more fun to add to the mix.

Here’s the roster.

Still wondering if you should attend? Are you a CEO, HR Leader, Chief HR Officer, Vice President of HR, Recruiting Leader, Chief Marketing Officer, Talent Management Visionary or anyone else invested in evolving HR’s (PEOPLE) role in business? If so, then yeah, you should attend, and we’d love to have you. Stop on by the stream (i.e., the #TChat hashtag) and say hello!

So join us today, Tuesday, March 6, at 1pm ET (10am PT), and see if you can carve out the 2pm ET (11am PT) time slot for yourself every other Wednesday over the next few months. Attendees of every Social Talent Show event will hear speakers and participate via Twitter chat, all at the same time. Following every event, a recorded version will be available at