The Top 10 Most Popular TalentCulture #TChat Shows for 2014

For a holiday treat, we’ve compiled a series of “top 10” TalentCulture posts from 2014 for you to catch up on between now and the first #TChat Show of the New Year.

So pour yourself an egg nog with that plate of sugar cookies and enjoy. Happy Holidays, TalentCulture #TChat Show Land!

The Top 10 Most Popular TalentCulture #TChat Shows for 2014:

  1. #TChat Preview: The Extraordinary Potential Of Values Based Leadership
  2. #TChat Preview: Legally Leverage Social Media In Recruitment
  3. #TChat Preview: The Legal And Moral Implications Of Workplace Bullying
  4. #TChat Preview: It’s All About The Talent Engagement Experience
  5. #TChat Preview: Employee Engagement And Putting Thanks In The Bank
  6. #TChat Preview: People, Performance And Building Legendary Teams
  7. #TChat Preview: World Of Work Productivity And E-Mail Excellence
  8. #TChat Preview: How To Avoid The Business Leadership Cliff
  9. #TChat Preview: Best Employers: What Makes Them Work?
  10. #TChat Preview: Empowering HR And The Hiring Process

And the bonus show of the year:

#TChat Preview: The HR Technology Mic Drop