Unlocking Employee Productivity Without Being An Ogre

Getting the most out of your employees is what every manager wants to do. Some will take the strict route believing that keeping on top of everything their employees do will ensure they use their time effectively and that any problems will soon become obvious.

While some aspects of that can work, it doesn’t exactly foster a positive relationship between the employees and management. So here’s some advice on how to encourage productivity with upsetting your workers.

Allow and encourage flexible working

A rigid regime for office hours might not be the best option, as research shows people are productive at different times and in different ways. What works for some doesn’t work for all and so it’s worth giving your employees some leeway on when they work where possible.

There’s numerous different ways to do this, for example you could let your employees choose when their work day begins, say between 8am and 10am. Or you could be more flexible and allow your team to work whenever they like, as long as they clock their full hours of course.

However far you take it, even granting automony on when lunch can be taken means employees feel like they have more control over their work life and can customise their day around how they work.

Actively look out for their health

It’s obvious that a company with healthy employees is the most effective, but this doesn’t just involve days off for colds and flus. Sitting in an office all day can be bad for you. Whether it an employee’s vision or even increased risk of death, it’s important to look out for the team’s welfare.

Make your employees aware and even encourage them to look after themselves. Ensure they know that if they take a break to get their eyes off the computer screen it’s perfectly okay. Regularly mention that people should get up and go for a little wander once or twice during the day.

The point is to make your employees feel relaxed about taking small breaks away from their work, rather than worrying you’ll be breathing down their neck for it.

Give out regular and creative rewards

Rather than waiting until the end of the month or quarter to give out rewards, do them more regularly. They don’t have to be massive things, but recognition that comes more often will keep your employees engaged.

You should also implement ongoing rewards too. Rather than just sticking to targets, think about objectives that can be ongoing. For example, offer a prize to a person that can significantly optimise a certain company process. This is something that never has to end and will encourage employees to assess how they work and how things can be improved, as well as to take ownership of internal processes.

Finally, reconsider what you reward. Money is, of course, always great, but it doesn’t just have to be that. Off some extra flexibility with the work hours for a week, give them an extra holiday day, or make gifts the prizes. The best bet for this is to get to know your employees properly so you can tailor their compensation to them personally.

Above all, keep listening and encouraging your team to work healthily and productively.


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