Why Our Company Developed An iPad App

For most smaller companies, these are times of focus and smart use of meager resources.

Like summer sales retreats and courtside seats for customers, companies are eliminating the “nice-to-do” while focusing their efforts on current projects and products.  “We will wait and see,” they seem to be saying.

Which makes it more remarkable to announce that LinkUp, a relatively new entrant in the job search engine game, just received the go-ahead from Apple on a new job search app.  Why bother?

Here’s why.

For us, we are on the cutting edge of a transformation in the job search-job board world.  More employers than ever are recognizing their need to control the recruitment process more.  They are tired as can be of paying Monster or CareerBuilder to post an ad, and then before you can say “we send out your ad to 30,000 job boards!!??!!?” it happens.  HR departments are overrun with resumes from people who don’t know an RN from a CNA.  Employers want to put their jobs up on their OWN career portal on THEIR own website, so they can control all the messages.

Even more, the job seekers today are tired of finding a help wanted ad on Simply Hired, Indeed and Monster et al at the same time as thousands of others.  Plus some shady characters have invaded the job board business and are collecting resumes, emails from frustrated and needy job seekers…all to no good end.

The LinkUp approach is quite different.  We show job seekers exactly where the hidden jobs are…on the company’s own website.  (Hidden because 75% of the jobs on LinkUp are not advertised elsewhere.)  But most job seekers do not know how to find the company website and if they do, they don’t have the time to dig through page after page.  LinkUp does that work for the job seeker.

For us, the issue is one of content.  We believe that our jobs are the best currently available.  Every career counselor worth his or her salt, like…, says so.  And recommends us.

Because of this great content, we know we must make sure that our content, ie, the jobs listed up on LinkUp.com, must be available no matter what media the job seeker is using.  If they feel most comfortable using Facebook, we are there.  IF they want to see our website obviously we have that too.  Twitter?  Got it.

Smart phones, yep.  Our mobile job searching apps have been downloaded about 100,000 times already.

So, it should not come to your surprise that our app is now available to IPAD.  What is even better is, this is not some universal app that our developers just made fit the IPad.  It uses all the features and functionality of the IPAD.  It is off the charts clever and helpful and easy and neat and kewl.  Really.

So, if your company is all about helping customers please make sure that they can find you any place THEY happen to be.  Don’t make them search and search.

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