Working At Home: How To Organize Yourself

More and more people are shifting to working at home. This is not limited to moms who want to balance their career and family life but to everyone who loves independence. With numerous jobs listed on job search engine like, it is not hard to start working at home.

Now that you have the freedom, how can you ensure your productivity? How can you make sure that you can deliver on jobs – on time and of the highest quality? Getting organized is the main challenge among freelancers and those working remotely. Follow these tips and be a productive work-at-home person.

Plan And Follow A Schedule

When you have all the flexibility when it comes to working hours, you may find yourself not doing anything at all. When you work-at-home, you have to plan on when is the best time for you to work and follow them.

One worker is different from another, thus your working schedule will always be different. Do you work at night, when someone watches over the kids? Or when the kids are in school? Either way, identify the best time when you are free to work productively.

After setting your schedule, you must follow it diligently just like working in an office. When you follow your schedule, it gives you the idea of “getting to work” thus, you will be more productive.

Set Up A Home Office

Those Instagram posts of freelancers, showing their mobile offices facing the beach or in a café looks very tempting. It is fine and cool if you are just there for brainstorming or checking emails, but it is just too sweet to be true for those who are serious in terms of working remotely.

Set a designated office in your house. It can be a room or a small nook or corner where you can work well. Why is this very important? A designated workplace programs your brain to work the moment you sit on the chair. It clears your mind that it is time to get things done when you enter such space.

Turn Off Distractions

The main hindrance when it comes to an organized working situation at home is distraction. Let’s start with social media. Most work-at-home employees are glued to their laptops with Internet connection. Thus, it is easier to chat on Facebook, surf the net and other mindless activities. Then you realized, you have consumed two hours of your day. Turn off your smartphone or switch off your internet if you are working ( in case you can without Internet connection). For freelance writers, some word programs have “ write mode” that clears the screen from other distractions.

Setting a work office is also another way of eliminating distractions. Distractions can be your own family. The kids reaching to you to ask for their toys or trying to get your attention. Or the nosy neighbor who wants to chitchat?  All these can destroy your working schedule and your concentration. Train your kids not to disturb you when you are working or politely tell others that you are working even if you are at home.

Set Goals

Just like when you are in an office, the key to success is setting goals. Plan your projects and work your daily schedule to your aim. Create a task list that consists of realistic and specific “things to do”. This way, you can be more productive and deliver projects and finished tasks on time.

Take A Break

Include in your daily working schedule some break time. This can be coffee time or a walk around the neighborhood. Working at home is much like working in an office; it is only the location and time flexibility that varies.

When you take a break, you prevent yourself from burnout or the feeling of boredom, which will only result someone to wasting time surfing the next.

Working at home is fun but there are some pitfalls if you are not careful.  Maximize the benefits of working remotely by organizing your time.

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