#WorkTrends Preview: Clashing Cultures During M&As

Mergers and acquisitions happen in business. Combining two businesses with two different staffs and two different cultures can be cause for concern.

Join Host Meghan M. Biro and Guest Patrick Morin to discuss how to handle clashing cultures during mergers and acquisitions.

Patrick Morin is a Managing Director with Transact Capital Partners, a Virginia-based investment banking firm that specializes in the mergers and acquisitions of privately owned companies. He is also a founding partner of BrightHammer, LLC., a global consultancy that assists in post-merger cultural integrations.

Together, we will discuss:

  • Bringing different corporate cultures together amicably;
  • The Buy-In vs. Performance Matrix; and
  • How to initiate a corporate culture overhaul.

This interesting and delicate topic is sure to be a great discussion.

Clashing Cultures During M&As

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Join TalentCulture #WorkTrends Host Meghan M. Biro and guest Patrick Morin as they discuss why meaningful communication matters.

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