#WorkTrends Recap: Building Great Cultures

#WorkTrends Recap: Building Great Cultures

A great workplace culture where employees can thrive and take an organization to the next level can have a lasting impact on recruitment, retention, and the bottom line. But how do you get there?

Culture is more than perks and benefits; it starts at the highest level and requires a commitment from everyone in the organization. It’s about transparency, communication, trust, and engagement. Building a great culture is tough work, and once you build a great culture that helps your business thrive, you have to recruit with that in mind. Businesses need to find people that fit their culture as much as hiring those that fit the skillset.

This means organizations need to have exceptional hiring practices. These include onboarding people who have a shared vision for the organization. One bad hire can set a company back and hurt more than just the bottom line.

This week on #WorkTrends host Meghan M. Biro and her special guest Lisa Latronico, VP of People and Culture at Skender discussed what it takes to build a great workplace culture.

Here are a few key points that Lisa shared:

  • Trust in the workplace is one key to positive company culture
  • Your workspace should reflect and support your culture
  • Offering flexible workspace options can have a lasting impact on culture
  • Employee feedback can go a long way and they want to feel heard

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