#WorkTrends Recap: Building Strength-Based Organizations

A healthy organization runs on the idea that people should be respected for the unique strengths they bring to the table. A strengths-based organization takes this idea a step further and fosters an environment where employees are actively engaged in their work. This results in better productivity, retention and profitability in the long run.

On this week’s #WorkTrends chat, we were joined by author Josh Allan Dykstra as we discussed a better way to create strengths-based organizations. Although this concept has been around for more than a decade, most organizations have “false-started” on it. We explored why these “false starts” have happened and why it’s time to try a new approach. A truly strengths-based company is the competitive organization of the future.

Here are a few key points Josh shared:

  • If you align roles with what energizes people they will be intrinsically motivated to keep working.
  • The companies that intrinsically motivate employees are naturally the most successful.
  • There’s a difference between competencies and strengths. Finding the middle is key.

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