#WorkTrends Recap: Heart-Centered Leadership

Improving employee engagement is a constant desire for leaders. But instead of looking to employees for answers, the key might be to look at themselves first. Leaders who develop emotional connections with employees often see better performance and engagement. This heart-centered leadership style is centered on the concept that ethical leadership must start from within; it’s based on principles that promote trust, authenticity, caring and transparency.

On today’s #WorkTrends show, we talked with Susan Steinbrecher, leadership expert and co-author of Heart-Centered Leadership, about the seven principles of heart-centered leadership and why this philosophy has proven successful.

Here are a few key points Susan shared:

  • Leaders need to ask for feedback to know where to start
  • Heart-centered leadership is a learned skill and takes practice
  • Making an emotional connection with an employee will lead to increased loyalty, productivity and overall company success

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Image credit: StockSnap.io