#WorkTrends Recap: Lead Better, Resist Generational Labels

#WorkTrends Recap: Lead Better, Resist Generational Labels

When it comes to leadership, one of the best cause and effect situations is when leaders care and step up to genuinely help and mentor… but not all will take the time to get better at being a leader.

Today on #WorkTrends, TalentCulture Community member and guest host, Patrick Antrim welcomed Karl Bimshas. The two discussed how placing erroneous labels on people can stagnate career development and reduce efficiencies in the workplace. They also discussed how leaders can start encouraging employees to stop labeling each other.

Here are a few key points Karl shared:

  • Generational labels prevent functional ideas from forming because of unjust bias
  • Some leaders don’t provide feedback because they fear confrontation
  • Feedback needs to be fast, relevant, and closer to the action to be evaluated
  • Generational labels are a shortcut that stagnate focus on understanding the individual

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