#WorkTrends Recap: Lights. Camera. Action. = Video Power

Have you noticed how popular video has become? It just keeps growing in popularity! Do you use video in your workplace? Well, if you want to know about video, this is the topic for you. Today, I hosted a special guest who knows a lot about the value that video brings to so many aspects of our business world.

On this week’s #WorkTrends show I was joined by guest Chris Savage, the CEO and co-founder of Wistia, a very popular video marketing and analytics platform.

Chris talked to us about how using video as a call-to-action via various forms of communications increases response rates and helps (in a huge way) to achieve recruiting, marketing, and sales goals. That’s pretty impressive, right?

Chris also shared some powerful tips with the TalentCulture community:

  • Video is an excellent tactic for explaining things. Be you and share what you know. It’s very effective and builds credibility to have experts on screen
  • Videos are the perfect vehicle for storytelling! Video works incredibly well to communicate complex messages
  • The Three“Must-Dos”of video are: Explain a solution linearly to automate, build a connection with the audience, and get on camera.

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photo credit: elvisripley jobes 10.jpg via photopin (license)