#WorkTrends Recap: The Explosion of Live Video Streaming

Snapchat, Blab, Instagram, Periscope, Facebook Live, the list is growing… Live video has exploded onto the scene and now everyone can emulate their favorite talk show host. While video has been around for a while and we’ve witnessed YouTube sensations become legitimate celebrities, this is a whole new breed of social media.

Every day different people and businesses are tapping the potential of live video to connect with consumers, businesses, shareholders, employees and clients. The type of media consumption is changing the way businesses work.

This week, special guest host Tim McDonald and guest Brian Fanzo, millennial speaker and change evangelist, joined the #WorkTrends show and dug into the current trend and future promise of live streaming video across all industries.

Here are a few key points Brian shared:

  • Live video offers an behind the scenes look into companies so consumers know what they’re getting
  • Live video forces people to be real and authentic
  • It is an easy and free way to connect directly with the consumer, employee or client

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photo credit: On-Air via photopin (license)