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Renowned author and global leadership transformation expert Marcia Daszko delivers her literary masterpiece: Pivot, Disrupt Transform: How Leaders Beat the Odds and Succeed. This groundbreaking book draws on Daszko’s knowledge and thirty years of experience in boldly guiding executive leaders through transformational journeys to never-before-experienced success. It’s for those committed to revolutionize and make a difference.

Weaving in her mentor Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s renowned management principles, Daszko seamlessly shares her actionable insights on how to apply provocative strategic thinking. She challenges the widely accepted management fads, trends, “best practices,” and buzzwords that fill organizations with waste, complexity, problems, and dysfunction. Her stories offer the invaluable lessons for leaders seeking rapid, sustainable, healthy, operational success.

Key Features:

Testimonies for Pivot Disrupt Transform:

“a refreshingly honest guide for leaders in today’s world. Marcia Daszko will not just shake up some of your long-held beliefs about leadership—she will also inspire your thinking and move you to positive action. This book is a life changer for organizations everywhere.

–Ken Blanchard, coauthor of the One Minute Manager

“Full of counterintuitive advice, Pivot Disrupt Transform will shake up your thinking about what it takes to be a leader.”

–Daniel Pink, author of When; Drive; and To Sell Is Human

Availability: Pivot Disrupt Transform is available on Audible, Kindle, and as a book on Amazon and in volume orders. Grab your copy today and embark on a transformative journey with your team.

About the Author

Marcia Daszko founded her consulting practice in 1994 and has been a Catalyst for Strategic Change and Transformation for 30+ years. Working across all sectors and industries, she has worked with global Boards, executive teams and all staff to improve, innovate, and achieve your competitive edge. As a consultant, professional speaker, facilitator, MBA professor, and author Daszko relishes in her clients and audiences achieving their definition of success.

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Marcia Daszko, CEO


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