How to hire the best in UK tech Infographic

Breaking the Code: Attracting Tech In The UK

The UK has become a serious contender for building a tech start up. London has a thriving close knit community of entrepreneurs that have a thirst for learning and networking. As you would imagine small tech communities are a hot bed for referrals. Hiring for small companies is absolutely essential and if you quit your non-HR day job to try your hand running a company posting on job boards and calling cowboy recruiters are costly mistakes to make.

When we carried out our UK Tech Talent survey the results were a little surprising. We have seen a lot of statistics from the US regarding finding and attracting tech but our results showed some subtle differences between the two which may make you want to reconsider how you go about trying to recruit your new development team.

Key Takeaways:

87% of tech workers respond to less than 10% of unsolicited messages they receive in a month.
86% hate being called ‘Rockstars’, ‘Jedi’s’, or ‘Ninjas’
45% of Engineers tend to be hired through a Recruiter vs 41% developers who find their jobs through friends.

Check out the full infographic below and the free accompanying ebook to gather more insights on the topic.