Bringing the X Factor to HRO Forum's iTalent Competition

As a general rule (it’s part of my personality really) I try to withhold judgment, being an open-minded seeker of people talent in all forms and shapes entails this, but I’ve just been given an opportunity to be officially judgmental.

HRO Today Forum, a lively and informative event for the HR and talent management industry, has invited me and several of my colleagues and friends to serve as judges for the 2012 HRO Today Forum’s Startup America Partnership iTalent Contest.

The panel of judges — I’m still amazed and honored to be included — will review the latest HR, recruiting and talent management technology innovations submitted to the iTalent Competition. We’re talking cream-of-the-crop entries in the HR innovation space. I can’t wait to see the innovations they’ll present at the three-day event, which will be in Washington, D.C., April 30 through May 2. I enjoyed last year’s event, and it will be fun to visit a new city for it this year. (Whew, no Vegas! I may actually get some sleep.)

We reviewed scores of high-caliber entrants and gradually narrowed down the field to 10 standouts. The top five have been selected and will compete in the iTalent Competition on Wednesday, May 2, 2012, at the event in DC, where they’ll present 10-minute pitches on HR innovation and job growth before a plenary audience and a panel comprising HR technology experts, industry analysts, HR practitioners, and a technology investor.

The top 10 entries all get to participate in the Big Idea iTalent Networking event later that same day, and the winner gets the big prize: face-time with the judges, one-on-one meetings with attending HR executives, a feature article in HRO Today promoting the winning company and its technology, and free ad space in an upcoming issue of the magazine, too.

Just engaging with and learning along with interesting leaders and HR executives from all over the country about the world of work, sustainable job growth and technology innovation is going to be very cool. Add in winner status and you’ve just been to your best conference ever — heady stuff indeed for the finalists.

Here’s to hoping you’ll join us in DC to see HR innovation at its very best, to mix with thought leaders in the workplace innovation field, and to chat with your counterparts from other firms and organizations. We won’t have cherry blossoms, sadly, but we’ll have a winner. I look forward to seeing you there!