Collaboration is everywhere. Maybe we should define it?

Originally posted by Chris Jones, a TalentCulture contributing writer. He is an IT Strategy & Change Management consultant, with a passion for driving new levels of engagement and learning in the modern organization. His research areas include the dynamics of organization culture, and more recently, the importance and implications of critical thinking. Check out his blog, Driving Innovation in a Complex World, for more.

Web 2.0 is the wild west of the 21st century.

I guess it’s no surprise that 2009 felt like a bull ride at the rodeo.

But there’s been some goodness, too.  Amidst all the changes brought in with social technologies, I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the talent I’ve met, both here at TalentCulture and elsewhere online. I’ve met more talented people on Twitter in the last 5 months than I’ve met anywhere else in the last 10 years.

That tells me something powerful is going on. Or that I need to get out more.

Point made. But I think Twitter and Social Media represent a paradigm shift.  It’s about connecting people around the world who have similar interests .. people who, until recently, had been isolated.  To get at what’s happening in practical terms, let’s unpack that word up at the top, collaboration. I run into it every day in my roles as part-time community leader and full-time consultant.

Collaboration is the interactive dynamic of engaged people, who, when electing to work together, adopt shared behaviors and goals through conversation … with an objective of driving new, emergent, innovative insights and outcomes.

Some big words in there. I’d be happy to discuss substitutions.  In fact, if we can make the definition better. we’d have something to hang on the wall, and will have “lived the vision” by collaborating.

Let’s try it out. What would you change?

Meantime, you may be wondering: Where can we go with TalentCulture?

I’m hoping we can start to tackle the problem of corporate culture, for one. It remains a barrier to collaboration in many ways. I’m working on that theme on my blog, as we speak.  I also have considerable energy on unlocking core trends in the changing workforce, aka workforce transformation.  Beyond that, who knows? I know Meghan has some thoughts (and its a good thing: she’ll get the credit or blame, depending.)

But it’s good to leave some slack.  Communities don’t always have a master plan when they gather …

Just as I didn’t know precisely where this blog would go when I started typing.  Well ok, not true.  I was pretty sure it would go on the internet.

A big thanks to Meghan for the concept of TalentCulture, and for inviting me to contribute.

See you around. Don’t be a stranger.

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