Company Culture And Finding Top Talent

Company culture is fundamental in attracting great employees. Most people lose steam when creating company culture as the results take time. CEO’s can be romantic about what has worked in the past as they become distracted on what seems to be urgent business issues. It takes time to develop a great company culture and even more time to get outside candidates to discover your brand.

Get comfortable with delayed gratification, and drive your business forward. The Yankees invested 3 years before Derek Jeter had the opportunity to become great. With new tools like Periscope, it’s time to leverage your internal success to attract the type of people that will win for you. You can tell your CEO that you will attract new paying customers as new buyers get to know the people within.

Paid Advertising

Jobs need to be advertised. Time to collapse the distance between human resources and marketing. Stop thinking about what platform works and be everywhere. The Internet is the job board. Walk over to the CEO‘s office and request a larger budget on talent acquisition activities. If people are the most important asset, refer to the profit and loss statement and compare what you spend on marketing versus recruiting.

In the Automotive Industry, Chrysler, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and Volkswagen will spend 2 Billon each as the entire auto industry will invest north of $44 billion in advertising – in an effort to sell 15 million cars. CEO’s focus on revenue and growth. We all know that revenue and growth are an outcome to top talent.

Think like a championship team and spend money finding great people. Find money in the budget and make it happen. Job postings are an opportunity to tell your story. The CEO is counting on you, Go.

You Are In The Marketing Business

Your culture is what you market. Great candidates want to discover what it will be like to work at your company. Utilize the many social platforms to tell your story and connect with the right candidates. Take people behind the scenes at work with the Periscope app. Engage current employees to help tell the story better. Department leaders understand how to tell the story in a way that attracts new leaders into the company. Leverage your team and don’t be afraid of what might happen. Our brains process over 50,000 thoughts a day. Most of these thoughts are negative. It’s time to add in positive messages about your people and company. If not, people will default to negative assumptions or fill in the gap with their doubts as they lack the information.

Leverage Resources

Recruiters are busy with a stack of assignments. It’s complicated, changing fast, and highly regulated. Strong leaders leverage resources already in place. No need to spend more money on this process. Take the time to tell your key internal leaders about interesting activities with the company. Create brand ambassadors who will share these happenings with their networks. You will attract the type of people that will enjoy and respect your culture.

These are just three simple ideas that will allow you to differentiate yourself from competitors. Most people will struggle with these steps as CEO’s resist new strategies.