Is Your Job Preview for Candidates Fact or Fiction?

Let’s just admit it. As recruiters and TA professionals, we may oversell a job role or embroider our corporate employment experience once in a while in order to get that perfect candidate in the door. Sometimes it works and we make a great hire. And, sometimes that great new hire leaves. What if we could avoid this whole scenario by giving candidates a more Realistic Job Preview (RJP) using technology? With video, employers can easily give as much to the job candidate as the candidate gives to you.  RJPs via video can help you pull better-fit candidates through your hiring process right from the start. You deliver a better candidate experience, hiring results and spend everyone’s time more wisely. [easy-tweet tweet=”Adding #video to the hiring process gives candidates a realistic job preview, which adds dramatically to their #candidateexperience.” user=”ellnerellner” hashtags=”#candidateexperience, #TChat”]

3 Easy Ways to Use Video for a Realistic Job Preview
In the past, job previews lived in the realm of verbal communication between recruiters and job applicants. It was an imperfect solution: Difficult and time-consuming for recruiters to deliver the right information over and over, and hard for candidates to gain the real insight they needed about a potential new employer.  With video interviewing technology, the game changes. Recruiters now have the means to provide rich insight to many, many candidates with ease.  Here are just three of the ways you can do it:

  1. Get Your Right-Fit Out There. If you’ve done your homework, you’ve got a good idea of what right fit talent means for your company and for key roles. Don’t keep this information secret! Ask current, successful employees to use your video interviewing solution to talk about what they like to do on the weekends. Put this out to the job candidate marketplace and let them decide: Can you relate to this? If you’re like this, then we want to meet you. What’s extremely important is the authenticity of the video and letting people be themselves. If corporate marketing managed this video and scripted it perfectly, lit it just so and hired an actor to represent the employee, it would not be nearly as powerful in attracting candidates to your company.
  2. Give Candidates the Insider’s Tour. Video is an incredible vehicle for capturing your work environment and the people who work in that environment, talking about their day. Addressing the noise, the clutter, the pressure, the hours – whatever it is about your workplace that causes the churn. Present it authentically and share it openly with candidates engaged in your hiring process. There’s no better way to help your candidates visualize what the work environment is really going to be like — not for the 15-minute tour, but for an eight-hour shift.
  3. Let Candidates Meet the Boss. While it’s true that people work for a company because of its mission and goals, if they don’t mesh well with their direct manager, it’s hard to get past it. If you use on-demand video interviews for screening, ask the hiring manager to deliver the questions to candidates via video. And I don’t mean simply read it! Ask her to add commentary to the question and some background context, so candidates can get a sense of her style. When you can be job specific and use a video from the hiring manager, then you really are building that RJP authenticity. [easy-tweet tweet=”Through full-blown #videointerviewing platforms, let candidates meet the hiring manager to make sound decisions.” user=”ellnerellner” hashtags=”#Tchat, #candidateexperience”]

Break the Ice for New Hires
That feeling of authenticity you’ve given candidates doesn’t have to end with the job offer. Ask your new hires to answer some getting-to-know-you questions via video. Then, circulate that video to the team or department in advance of your new hire’s start date, and he or she can be greeted by others even more warmly.  In the same way that video offers a better RJP, it also can help ease your new hire’s transition.