Overcoming The Fear Of Employee Engagement

Engaging your workforce may be a scary thing. Especially if you haven’t done it much.

As with any relationship, it’s scary to find out that your employees don’t think exactly like you, even if you know that all people have different ideas, plans and ambitions. But these different ideas and plans are what will give your company strength and make employee engagement such a powerful tool for every entrepreneur.

The Benefits Of Engagement

I probably don’t have to emphasize the positive sides of employee engagement. According to ACCOR, 90% of leaders know it’s impact. However, the same study points out that only 25% of companies actually have an engagement strategy in place. (Source. Officevibe)
So we can say, most of the companies out there are not doing something they know is good for them. I can only guess that one reason for that is fear. Fear of change.

You may not like to hear what your employees think. But there’s no reason to fear it. Rather, these options should be embraced.
One of the biggest bonuses of employee engagement is collaboration: sharing ideas and making your company better, stronger and more competitive.

Saving Time And Money

This is one of those essential parts of leadership where you can’t go with what most other leaders are doing. You must do better than most to get an edge for your company. $37 billion is lost every year in the States because of bad communication in the workplace. As a leader, I’d prefer not to lose that kind of money. (Source: Slideshare)

Keeping the most talented people working with you is important for all leaders and HR specialists. Time and money is spent on attracting and training them yet these resources are often lost when they leave for the next project or opportunity.
75% of people who quit their job, actually quit their bosses. The leaders who spend more time with their workers and collaborate with them, are less likely to be broken up with. If we look at our personal relationships, we’re not surprised if a couple breaks up because they’re not talking enough. So there’s no reason to be surprised, if your top talent leaves, when they are not heard.

Overcoming Fear

Luckily, in business, unlike in personal life, we can rely on technology in our everyday communications and collaboration with our teams. There’s a tools for almost anything your company might need. There are weekly progress reporting software like Weekdone that offer weekly feedback as a perk, or you can choose one of many specific tools that offer only feedback.

All of these tools have one thankworthy goal: making employee engagement and collaboration easier.

Just remember what Larry Ellison, former CEO and founder of Oracle, said: “Taking care of your employees is extremely important and very, very visible.”

There is nothing to fear but the fear itself. Fear is the mind-killer that stops our businesses from evolving and growing. At the same time, fear is not some force of nature that we can do nothing about. Fear is something we can fight and conquer, something that can be overcome on our quest of self-improvement.


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