#TChat Recap: How True Relationship Building Rises Above Social

This week we were joined by Rob Garcia, Silicon Valley product executive, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at ConnectUp. Rob talked with us about why true relationship building rises above and beyond social media. We explored ideas around cementing relationships which often start in the digital space and move into more ‘real’ relationships.

We live in an age when social media penetrates and influences almost every area of corporate communications. Long gone are the formal protocols of the “offline” networking world – when professional and social networking took a lot more work to uncover, establish, and deepen mutually beneficial business relationships.

Social media has made connecting and networking much easier and accessible to nearly everyone with an Internet connection and a mobile device. Rob offered super insights around the hyper-connected world and how professionals can, and should, combine new and traditional communications channels to grow business relationships. Those who are able to build, maintain, sustain and leverage their entire network outside of social, he explained, can be more successful and impact the world.

In case you were wondering…Rob Garcia was a social connection of mine long before we took that all important leap and picked up the phone and then met in person and became friends. Why not make that leap with some of you connections this week?

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photo credit: pixabay.com