There’s a List for That

Earlier this week we introduced our exciting partnership with Listly, a new kind of crowd-sourcing tool that tears the page out of the note pad and adds a savvy social twist. What’s cool about is that it challenges the conventional, linear thinking we associate with lists. In their most primitive form, we have the universally transcending “To Do” list. In a progressive state it appears as “mind to multiple bullet points” proudly displayed on a slide. In a digitally evolved form we have the “To Due” list with clever bells and whistles to remind us to submit to the matter and scratch it off.

While providing their own unique types of utility, these forms of lists share a common, traditional trait: They mainly store information through a one-way process from person to object. What we’re learning from our experiment with is that it’s also a way for us to retrieve information and ideas, and to weave them together to create a story worth sharing. Lists 3.0 are a dialogue, and curating a list is like a cue card for starting a social conversation with people, not a gadget or app.

Our experiment with continues with the introduction of the “#TChat IT List”. Each Friday we will curate a Cliff’s Notes, crowd-sourced version of the week’s #TChat. This week, we tuned in, took a second look, and curated a list to bring you…

Why Does Freelance Rock?

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You said it. We sourced it. You own it. Now control it. And if you feel a calling to create a list of your own, here are some tips — yes, there’s a list for that:

How Do You Create an Awesome List?

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It’s always a running list, so stretch your mind’s muscles and curate these lists to your heart’s content. *Waves* to the crowd and have a great weekend!