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Welcome to TalentCulture, one voice of our eclectic community. My team of contributors will launch conversations about the issues of career, culture (workplace, digital lifestyle, trends, popular, alternative, arts) talent acquisition, branding, sustainability, social causes, motivation and innovation. I hope you will join us as we explore these topics through the lens of new media, with reference to the social and geopolitical pressures that will affect our careers and lives in the near and long-term.

Job seekers and hiring leaders– from Gen Y to Gen X and baby boomers – are concerned about a broad range of issues, and deeply passionate about finding a career path that will allow them to grow, develop a personal brand that will sustain them through the inevitable flux of a career, and engage – through new media channels – with others at every step of the adventure.

Why choose TalentCulture.com as a resource? I like to think it’s because we can make critical, big topics like career, culture, innovation, green and digital media not only interesting, but actionable. We won’t just tell you what we think; we’ll provide you with tools (guidelines, pointers, lists and links to other thought-leaders and innovators) to help you reach your own conclusions about the things that most affect your career. We’ve lived the life, are living life, done the work and are still discovering meaning everyday. We won’t just talk, we’ll invite you into the discussion to generate meaningful dialog about how to build a sustainable life – career, brand, entrepreneurship, personal exploration and innovation – and the culture fit that is so important to maintaining progress.

My motivation for this comes out of my background as a career, branding, and workplace expert, a fascination and love of people, and a passion for the various forms and meanings of culture. I have a tendency to analyze and discover the meaning of something before acting, balanced by my early background in the performing arts, where stage presentation and technical skill must be matched with creativity, passion and energy. After many years of successfully strategizing with job seekers and corporate leaders as a member of both larger organizations and start-ups and in academia working on research teams studying human subjects and behavior, my true calling is an entrepreneur’s path to keep innovating and stay relevant for my clients and friends. But an entrepreneur can’t succeed alone – it takes a community. In this case, it’s a group of strategic partners, contributors and most importantly…you!

This blog is a place where we can share experiences with people interested in a mix of topics. Our goal is to give you, the reader, the best and most current thinking on branding, digital, culture, green, career strategy, self-awareness, innovation and the tools of self-assessment necessary to plot a sustainable career path – using new media to interact and observe, participate and share. At TalentCulture we will interact with you through your blog comments, via pointers to other sites and links to our Twitter feeds, and even with the occasional survey to develop our thinking on the importance of these topics. Through this, we hope to help each of you discover and build on your personal value as a careerist and a person.

We hope to start conversations about a broad range of topics. We range from Gen Y to baby-boomer here on the blog, so expect to see lots about generational differences and what they mean for careers and the larger world around us. We’ll talk about using new media to build your personal and/or corporate brand. We’ll ask questions and use your comments and responses to help us plot an evolving storyline of topics that will inform, engage and empower you. It’s a journey, and this is the first step.

The second step is to ask you to join with us and participate with comments, by following our tweets, and by answering the occasional question. So think about career, workplace, culture fit, innovation, digital media, the arts, personal and corporate branding and sustainability, and tell us what you’d like to discuss. Let’s have some fun.

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