What Are the Most Popular Jobs In India This Year?

Looking for the most popular jobs in India? There are a variety of popular job choices available, but the most common jobs may catch you off guard. The following 6 jobs are the most popular in 2015:

1. Sales Managers

Sales managers are responsible for sales teams. These professionals often work in department stores and their role is simple: make sales for their employer. Analyzing markets and current sale avenues is an important role of a sales manager. Managers will also have to deal with customers. Professionals that have a knack for dealing with the public and patience to listen to irate customers will excel in this field.

These professionals earn Rs 4, 84,844.

2. Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech problems caused by brain injuries, dyslexia and developmental disabilities often lead to speech impediments. When a person has trouble with their speech, despite the reason, they will often have to visit a speech-language pathologist to help correct their speech-related issues. Many pathologists will choose to work with just pediatrics or within certain age groups as a specialty. Speech-language pathologists work within their own clinics or often within hospitals or therapy centers. These professionals may work with our next job professionals: physical therapists.

These professionals earn Rs 5, 21,176 on average.

3. Physical Therapists

The role of a physical therapist is to help those with ambulatory issues and/or injuries that prevent them from conducting daily life routines, such as walking, get better. These professionals work within their patient’s abilities to help them recover from injuries so that they can resume as normal of a life as possible. Occupational therapists are also in demand and work less with ambulatory issues and more with life skills, such as:

  • Eating
  • Dressing
  • Cooking

Working in hospitals and clinics, physical therapists earn Rs 1, 22,890 on average.

4. Medical and Health Services

Healthcare executives have the immense responsibility of planning, directing and delivering healthcare solutions to their patients. A field that is rapidly growing, these professionals are in very high demand and may include:

  • Nursing home administrators
  • Assistant administrators
  • Clinical managers

This is a field that is rapidly growing around the world, with a 6% growth rate in India alone. These professionals demand a salary of Rs 5, 65,999 annually with no shortage of jobs available.

5. Web Developers

From CSS to HTML and PHP to ASP, web developers with a variety of skills are among the most in-demand professionals in the world. The growing usage of the Internet and mobile technologies has created the perfect career for web developers. Simple websites to complete web applications are in high demand and waiting for a competent web developer to complete.

These professionals earn up to Rs 3, 37,573.

6. Network Administrator

Network administrators allow computer networks to run smoothly. When there are hundreds of computers on a network, an administrator must ensure that all computers are fully operational. Even printers and other devices that hook up to a network are under the control of the administrator.

A stressful job, a computer systems administrator or network administrator can earn Rs 2, 16,809 a year.

Image: bigstockphoto.com

Source: Jobtonic.in