Why Job Seekers Keep Calling … And Calling [Infographic]

Here’s the problem: You know you’ve got job openings to fill, and while there are plenty of candidates willing to step in, they aren’t qualified. Didn’t you explicitly say in the job description, “B2B sales experience required?” What part of that does a job seeker not understand? We need to clear up this miscommunication…and fast.

This infographic, compiled by MedReps.com, provides solutions for common miscommunications between job seekers and employers. Some points to note include:

  • 38 percent of companies have open positions they cannot find talent to fill

  • 46 percent of resumes submitted contain some form of false information

  • On average, it takes 24.5 working days to fill a position

  • There are three unemployed persons for every job opening

Check out the full infographic below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


What do you think? What are some other reasons miscommunication occurs between job seekers and recruiters?

photo credit: dominique . B via photopin cc

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