#WorkTrends Recap: How Academia and Business Support STEM

The world of education and business are at a precipice in relation to what we need to keep our economy chugging along without slowing down the advancements needed to remain an economic leader.

This week Meghan M. Biro was joined by guest Rachael Mann to discuss the intricacies around how academia and business can and should work collaboratively in supporting our growing need for more technically trained people.

They also talked about why the STEM initiative was developed and more importantly, how we can encourage female students to pursue STEM careers.

Here are a few key points that Rachael shared:

  • We need to equip teachers with the tools to prepare students for real life in STEM
  • Parents play an active role in encouraging their children to pursue STEM careers
  • If employers don’t take an active role in encouraging students to pursue STEM careers then they won’t have employees in the future

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Photo Credit: HoursDeOuvre Flickr via Compfight cc