#WorkTrends Recap: How to Face the Scariest Employment Challenges of 2016

There are a number of hot issues, new developments, and emerging challenges will no doubt catch employers by storm in 2016. Supreme Court decisions, federal and state laws, and actions by federal regulatory agencies have called into question the very nature of the employer-employee relationship, as well as what rights and benefits employees should be entitled to in the workplace. There are, without question, a myriad of scary employment challenges for HR pros and businesses to navigate.

During today’s #WorkTrends show, our guest Beth Zoller from XpertHR discussed these regulatory issues and a variety of topics you need to know to help protect your company,and employees as a result of the many changes consistently occur. Zoller shared advice to help employers and HR professionals to be proactive and prepared to respond to important changes in a meaningful way.

If you’ve not yet joined us for a #WorkTrends show, we hope you will in the future. The community is extremely insightful and you’ll find you not only learn a lot, but meet some great people in the process. Want to experience it for yourself? Listen to the recording and check out the highlights below:

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Photo Credit: fyou5pswd via Compfight cc