WWDD: What Would Don Do?

Meet Mad Man Don Draper at his finest: the pressed suit, the neat hair, the confident gaze. He’s about to pitch an idea to a client. Draper works for an advertising firm; he is the main character in AMC’s Emmy and Golden Globe-winning original series “Mad Men.” In this video clip, he’s at the top of his game recognizing the consumer’s innate needs and finding a way to fill them.

Everyone wants to be Don Draper. Maybe you don’t drive a Cadillac or spark fire in the hearts of married women with your dashing, princely looks… No, you can’t be Don Draper, but you can be like him. Except you don’t run an ad firm. You run your life and your career. Draper’s pitches are like job interviews on behalf of the firm. He wants the client to hire his team. When you apply for a job, you’re essentially pitching yourself. You want employers to hire you.

Notice Draper’s strategy. He finds the benefit in a product that people want or need and then packages that benefit into a message people can understand. You can do the same! Find what qualities you possess that employers need or want. Don’t look at your skills or your experience. Look at your benefits. Package those benefits into your resume, cover letter, interview and thank you notes.

You may not be sending grown men out of the room in tears like Draper does. But if you can identify and articulate why potential employers need you, you can convince them that they do need you. Your career will continue seamlessly round and round just like Draper’s Carousel.

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