If These Workspace Walls Could Talk #TChat Preview

(Editor’s Note: Looking for the summary of this week’s events and resources? See the #TChat Recap: Office Space: Work in Progress)

Think about it…

Most of us will spend more than 30% of our lives in a workspace of some sort. A formal office with four walls. An isolated cubicle. An open shared space. A nook in your master bedroom. Or even in the front seat of a car.

Wherever you conduct business most frequently, that environment is bound to have a direct and dramatic impact on your psyche and your professional performance. And of course, workspace look and feel influences team and organizational performance, as well.

Workplace Design InfographicA Clean, Well-Lighted Place?

Ideally, work environments enhance efficiency, effectiveness, interaction and even innovation. But, as underscored in the infographic “Transforming Cubicleville USA,” if we don’t pay attention to key factors, our workspace can instead undermine communication, workflow and creativity.

So, how can thoughtful workspace design promote workforce engagement, boost workplace productivity and reinforce organizational culture? What does your workspace say about you as an employee or employer? Could even small changes improve job satisfaction and performance?

#TChat Events: World-of-Work Spaces and You

Truthfully, there isn’t one “right” solution to the challenge of workspace form and function. No two organizations are alike. Each has its own unique business requirements, values and personality to consider. It’s complicated.

But that’s why it’s our focus at #TChat forums this week. And that’s why we’ve invited an expert to frame the discussion — Chris Congdon Director of Research Communications at office furnishings manufacturer, Steelcase. This promises to be a fascinating look at what it takes to create a positive and productive workspace, so we hope you’ll add your voice to the discussion!


Listen to the #TChat Radio show…

#TChat Radio: Tuesday May 14, 7:30pmET/4:30pmPT

Tune into #TChat Radio live, as hosts Meghan and Kevin ask  Chris to share her insights on workspace design issues and trends.

#TChat Twitter: Wednesday, May 15, 7:00pmET/4:00pmPT

Follow our Twitter hashtag and be part of an open, collective conversation, as we explore these questions with Steelcase guests:

Q1:  How important are workspaces? Why?
Q2:  Do you work in a traditional office, home office, or a virtual one?
Q3:  What workspace features help you work productively?
Q4:  How have workspaces evolved over time? Is this for the better?
Q5:  How is your workspace a reflection of you and your work?

Throughout the week, we’ll keep the discussion going on the #TChat Twitter feed and on our new LinkedIn Discussion Group. So please join us anytime, and share your questions, ideas and opinions. Just be sure to add “#TChat” to your posts, so others in the community can follow the action.

We’ll see you on the stream!

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