Let Your Millennials Manage

There is a widespread opinion among HR and leadership professionals, that millennials are the most terrible group of workers who have ever entered the workforce. They are a constant pain for HR and leadership and a unlimited source of content for journalists and content marketers.

The Worst Generation Ever

They crave attention, need feedback and think only about themselves. Not to mention the fact, that they want to change jobs every few years and have no idea how to manage money. So no one in their right mind would put a millennial in a manager position. Maybe in 10 years, when they’ve accumulated enough experience and calmed down (and, to be fair, when there is no one else left to choose from and the next generation becomes the Worse. Thing. Ever).

Yet Millennials has many qualities previous generations don’t.

Young people have developed a mind that easily handles many things at once, they are ambitions and motivated to go far. They are willing to learn and open to feedback,

For me, all those these assets sound like traits of leadership. True, they don’t have a lot of experience yet, because they finished college last week. But how should they ever get those skills when they are not given a chance to lead. I don’t try to say that being a millennial should be the one criteria for deciding if a person is fit for management, but you also can’t let it be the reason not to choose him.

Future Leaders

According to a study by Deloitte, when it comes to leadership, millennials value transparency and fairness. They value clear communications and as leaders they understand the need for truthful feedback to themselves and their teams.

All those values are also part of what generations Y and Z expect from their managers. So it makes sense to let millennials manage millennials. They will work well together, increase engagement and cater the needs of the younger workforce.

A mindset with those perks should be a welcomed addition to any company’s leadership.
Most millennials would also welcome a chance to lead. 70% of respondents want to launch their own company one day. Only thing that’s holding them back is their lack of experience and knowledge.

We live in an age when all you need to create a company is an idea and a laptop. So millennials who are held back due to their age, are more than likely to quit soon and create their own companies and start-ups.

They will be CEOs and managers and then they’ll be your competitors.

Keep Your Millennials Close

Giving millenniums with leadership potential a managerial role now, will give them a desire to stay loyal to you and your company. This is the way to make sure they’ll still be with you, when thy are in their 30s and have tons of experience thanks to having years of feedback from their peers.

HR and leadership face many problems and dangers every day. Often because there are a countless number of articles that say you have to adapt to the workforce.

Millennials, in management or as employees, don’t have to be the reason you lose sleep at night. Instead they should be your golden ticket to success.

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