The Secret To Successful Hires

There’s a lot of spiel out there about how companies will only be able to hire top talent if their benefits packages pack a punch like Google, they have unlimited holiday time like Netflix, or they offer the latest workplace innovations like the standing desk. While these perks might all help employers to attract and retain some great candidates, let’s be honest. For the majority of companies, they’re just not a realistic option. The real secret to getting the candidates that will improve your business may be more obvious than you think.

Be Honest

The very first impression is the most important. Did you miss out a few key details in that job advert to make the role seem more exciting? Perhaps your company culture isn’t quite as buzzing as your social media feeds might lead candidates to believe? While this kind of tactic may initially attract candidates, it’s not going to pay off in the long run.

A recent Forbes article explained why employers should start being honest with job seekers from the get go. A huge 40% of employees believe that job postings aren’t realistic and this is one of the biggest reasons that employees are stressed at work. Employers who aren’t up front with their candidates are only running the risk of ending up back at square one.

Ask Candidates Outright

Hiring is more competitive now than ever before and that often means that although candidates have made an application and expressed interest in the job, it’s not always enough to seal the deal. Even more so with passive candidates. They need some real pull factors to make them decide to leave their current employer and start a new job. The secret to a successful hire is often just to ask candidates outright what it is they want. Many recruiters shy away from this approach, but as David Talamelli says: “One of the classic sales lines is to know your ABC’s and Always Be Closing and this holds true in recruitment as well.” Ask your candidates what they need in order to accept the job, and decide whether you can give it to them.

A Good Fit

You can’t put a tiger into a shark tank, so don’t try. Likewise, a shark is never going to perform well in a jungle full of tigers. Take a look at your business, and take a look at your candidates. It’s essential that new hires and your company culture are a good fit. A massive 89% of hiring failures are down to a poor cultural fit. During the application process, ask potential candidates about their ideal working environment, whether they like quiet space or creative collaborations, and what they expect from their manager.

The way you approach the hiring process is sure to dictate whether your company successfully hires the staff it needs. If your staff turnover is higher than you want, consider these three points and review how you could strengthen your hiring process.

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