Using Social Media To Get Promoted

You have created a great blog and published it on your website. But, unfortunately only your relatives visited your blog and appreciated and you did not get any response from other persons. If you want to promote your blog  you have to be very tactical on using the social media. You have to spend a maximum of your time to promote your content. But if you say, you have spent so much time on creating the blog and now you don’t have time to promote it, then I have to say that this post is not for you. But if you want to increase traffic, let’s find the below points.

Tweet Your Blog

Twitter is the best place to share a link. As soon as your blog finished tweet the blog post link in Twitter immediately. You will find some automated tools that can instantly submit a link to your recent blog post on your Twitter stream. You can also submit it manually.

Share in Facebook Page

Recently, many people are using Facebook. Create a Facebook fan page for your blog.  Also, you can become a fan of another Facebook fan page which is similar to your topic. Join the conversation on the other page and invite others to join in your page. Do not forget to feed the blog post in your Facebook page. Update your status update with interesting and informative posts  so that people feel to join in the conversation. Be active on your Facebook page.

Use Pinterest to Share Your Post

If you use photos in your blog post, you should use Pinterest to promote those photos. Pinterest is a great visual social bookmarking site to share various photos. You need to Pin images from other content so that it does not look like that you are promoting yourself only. If you do so, nobody will Follow you. This is a very important factor.

Use Google+ Community

Google+ is a great option for driving thousands of views of your blog post. After joining in the similar community in Google+, you will find so many cool and interesting conversations are going in the community. By giving a vote to others blog post, you will add value to your profile. When you have a new post, share it with your favorite 5-8 communities.

Use LinkedIn Followers

LinkedIn is a tremendous place to get connected with professionals. If you are writing blogs on professional topics, LinkedIn is the perfect place for you. Get connected with the more people, the more people will see your profile. Join in LinkedIn groups and share relevant blog in the groups. Remember, if you share irrelevant blog in the group other members will treat you as a SPAM.

It is not a surprise now to get the audience by using social media as in the modern business era, it is a natural choice to get promotion from social media. Billions of people are now using social media and it is the high time to get attraction from lots of people with the relatively low cost.


Image: bigstock